Implementing ASP.NET Core session with Redis Cache on Azure

Redic Cache

Using Redis cache in Windows Azure to save session state for an ASP.NET Core web app is quick and easy to configure. Create your Redis Cache in Azure Firstly, if you don’t have an Azure account create a Free Azure Trial Account. Once you’re logged into your Azure account, Click the + Create a resource … Read more

Adding a lookup field to an existing table using Entity Framework code first migrations

As you build out a site using the code first approach, at some point you will most likely need to add an additional lookup field to a class. There are a couple of steps required above what’s automatically done for you by EF code first migrations to make things work happily. If you consider the … Read more

Using Data annotations with partial classes and LINQ to SQL

If you’re using LINQ to SQL as your data provider then you will need to add a few extra steps to utilise Data annotations with ASP.NET MVC. If you have created your own objects then you can append annotations such as [DisplayName(“This is the display name I want in the view”)] directly to the object … Read more